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Climb For Justice is going to be AWESOME

But don't take our word for it

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"The highlight was the incredible beauty and nature that we saw, but that experience would not have been as wonderful without the great group spirit and added a layer of spiritual and intellectual study."

Director of Partnership & External Relations, 

The National Library of Israel

Jerusalem, Israel



" The beauty was breathtaking and the change of pace, a breath of fresh air. Still, I was terrified; and the physical challenge and biting cold were the least of it. Here I was, leading a trip to Nepal, 3,000 miles from my comfort zone, “disconnected” from my inbox and the world, and the multiple distractions I have come to rely on to avoid looking inwards too deeply and confronting whatever it is I might find. In the mountains, I felt stripped of the false sense of control I’ve spent a lifetime cultivating."


You can read Zaki's full Climb For Justice experience at THE TIMES OF ISRAEL 

Founder & Managing Partner @ | Forbes 30 Under 30

Jerusalem, Israel


" I'm a trekker, I've trekked all over the world. If my friends are going to ask me what was the highlight of my week here in Nepal, I assume they'll say Climbing Gokyo-Ri and standing on top holding up Tevel's sign. But it turns out the biggest highlight for me actually came before we started trekking. As a child, I was heavily influenced by my mother who was one of the original feminists. I was brought up by Simone De Beauvoir and Betty Friedan, and my mother's take on the world was that it's how you treat women and their children- that's how you evaluate a culture. And if you want to change a culture, and change the world - you start by engaging and empowering women. On our second day, we went to visit one of Tevel's success stories- a village called Shalies where we met 20 women, each one of them talked with a sincere sense of pride about the difference Tevel's work made in their lives, for me that was the biggest highlight of the trip. "


Professor Emeritus, Human Nutrition & Food Science, California State Polytechnic University

Los Angeles, California,USA



"I cannot recommend highly enough the Tevel B'Tzedek Everest Trek. No, we did not actually climb up Everest but we were very close to the base, and able to see it along with the other four highest peaks in the world. I am not one to normally seek out adventure in life (adventure has always had a way of finding me!), yet when I saw the post for the trek I was determined to join despite all of my fears and reservations. I was excited by being a member of this amazing group of individuals and to support Tevel's goals of bringing Israeli ingenuity to Nepal. I was concerned how I would possibly raise $5000 in two weeks for an organization that none of my North American friends had heard of.

Well, I did it! I cast a wide net to all of my friends and relatives and very quickly the donations added up.  My friends knew this was a challenge like no other and wanted to vicariously join me in the adventure. In this case, a picture is worth a billion words! The contrasting colors of the landscape and thrill of the challenge are almost indescribably even for a poet and artist like me."

Installation Artist/Writer/Theatre Professional

Toronto, Canada