January 3rd, 2019

Join us for a one day hike to the lowest point on earth:
the Dead Sea!

Your participation will help communities in rural Nepal
climb out of extreme poverty, through the unique approach
of Tevel b’Tzedek!


This hike is an opportunity to meet, fundraise, hike and be amazed by the views of the Dead Sea Your funds will provide trainings and income opportunities for women, farmers, youth and teachers--as we work to change rural villages in crisis to places of opportunity.



As you register for the hike you pay your registration and you are welcome to donate any amount of money as you are able.

Registration fee - 145 ILS \ 41$


(early registration until Oct 1st. After Oct 1st 160 ILS\ 45$)

Here are the projects that will get support from given donations:

Woman Health and Sanitation Workshop
Target Group:

100 women per month in 2 workshops trainings, overall 800 women.

Required Funding:

$ 2500

Access to proper healthcare and medical knowledge is low in rural areas. This results in an array of medical conditions that basic access to healthcare would solve. For example, many women in rural Nepal go back to work in the field only days after giving birth, which in many cases results in uterine prolapse. We work on raising awareness about reproductive health issues and training local health volunteers with proper tools to support their fellow women. The workshop will address various women related issues such as gender based violence, sexual and reproductive health, cervical cancer and uterine prolapse.

Program's Objectives:
  • To provide crucial information on various women health issues and knowledge and skills on health care and sanitation.

  • To increase the health service seeking behavior among the women.

What's the plan?

We will be back home before Shabbat.

A one day hike to Zohar Yzrah Rom trail

The hike is for fit walkers who like the silence of the desert.


We will climb up to a stunning view of the Dead Sea and walk a challenging trail down back to the bus and to an intimate get together


January 3rd 2019

 5:30   Busses leave from JLM and TLV          

 8:30   HIking (5 hours walk with breaks)
 13:00 Arriving to the bus and a 60 min drive

 14:00 Get together event
 15:15  Busses leave back to JLM and TLV      

* Shabat enters at: JLM- 17:35, TLV- 17:50