Everest Talks

From the top of Gokyo Ri, with a panoramic view of the Everest and gasping for breaths of thin air, we present the #Everesttalks - a platform for sharing philosophical and aesthetical explorations of being and wonder expressed freestyle in the great outdoors. Anyone can contribute, there are only two rules:

Our first lecturer is Tevel b'Tzedeks' founding Rabbi - Micha Odenheimer presenting us with a 'Sermon on the Mount'.

How can a mature understanding of religion and our place in the world inform the way we approach social change? 
Micha offers his view on recurring themes in our discussions during the trek - Do our actions matter? inform the way we approach social change? 

How can we pray with faith while resisting our innate need for certainty?


Join us next year as we go to the roof of the world, praying for a new light to come in.

Rabbi Micha Odenheimer

1. Original content - own your thoughts and express them!​​

2. Film outdoors, deep in nature - your voice is that much clearer in the wilderness!

Our second guest lecturer was Dr. Micah Goodman, best-selling author, philosopher, and Jewish thinker, Dr. Micah Goodman has a doctorate in Jewish thought from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He teaches at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and lectures throughout Israel on contemporary Judaism and Israeli culture. Dr. Goodman directs Ein Prat - The Academy for Leadership.

During the 2018 trek he taught a course on the "History of God", this is just a little taste.

Dr. Micah Goodman