Climb for Justice is a fundraising trek to Gokyo-Ri (5,360m), overlooking Mt. Everest (8,848m) and three other of the world’s highest peaks.

The funds you give will help some of the poorest people on earth break out of the cycle of poverty. Subsistence farmers struggle just to provide food and shelter. Any additional shock, such as sickness or drought, can plunge families to the brink of starvation.


Poverty is not just a condition, it is a trap from which it is nearly impossible to escape.


You can help provide a ladder, however steep, that leads to a better life. Giving a handout won't help, but giving a meaningful hand up can. The funds you raise will go to helping farmers improve their yields, education for their children, and clean water to save them from deadly diseases.


You can change their lives, not temporarily, but sustainably.


While it is impossible for us to truly put ourselves in the shoes of people who live so close to the edge, we can listen to them, learn their names, hear their stories, and see how we can make a difference in their lives -- and in our own.


TEVEL is an Israeli NGO that has been working in development in Nepal for the last 10 years. It aims to strengthen rural communities in Nepal, while also fostering a new generation of social leaders in Nepal and the Jewish world.


TEVEL runs independent development projects in rural communities in Nepal, led by an outstanding team of local professionals who complement the international volunteers with invaluable local “know-how”. This model of partnership and deep engagement has proved invaluable in helping communities heal and rebuild after the 2015 earthquake that shook Nepal to a halt.


However, the work is not done. Sustainable Community Development is a slow, long-term process. This type of work does not make headlines, but is a way of enabling long term changes for disadvantaged communities, while respecting their Heritage.